Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taking Communion for Money Cometh, Did Jesus Want Us to Commemorate His Death for Wealth?

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Joyce Leiphon add money to the Communion service she had on Sunday the first of the Year. I have been to many
Word of Faith and prosperity churches. While I left before the got into the money cometh to the body of Christ I have never ever heard such blasphemy such as I heard from this woman mouth. To attribute the horrible Death of Jesus Christ as she did with money made my stomach turn. She is clearly delusional as far as the Holy Bible is concerned. So sad that there are many following this false way
Receiving Communion and adding Money Cometh is wrong on so many levels.  I saw the New Year's eve video and the January 12 Sunday service.  Truly a new low.  When I thought it couldn't get anymore twisted at LOTWC.  Lord Jesus come quickly!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Joyce Leiphon's spiritual father coming to Ft Pierce Jan 8, 9 2014 Dr Leroy Thompson makes top ten list!

Yes, it's that time of year again.  The  "Apostle" Leroy Thompson is coming back to Ft Pierce to Light of the World Church (LOTWC) for another money cometh conference January 9, 2014 to collect yet 'mo money from Joyce and her sheeple.  I also wanted to point out Joyce Leiphon's mentor, spiritual father, Leroy Thompson made the top ten pastors to avoid in 2014 list.

Having attended these money making conferences in the past, let me save you some time and money and let you know what to expect. There will be people there from other "Money Cometh" churches in the state. They are expected to support and travel to these conferences if they want the "Money Cometh anointing", so don't be surprised if the church is full.  Most in attendance will be from Orlando from another Money Cometh Church.

Bring lots of money! For each service, you will see something strange. People will start bringing money to the platform, stage, pulpit, altar, podium etc. This is a learned behavior and part of the "Money Cometh to Me Now" money game. If you bring a large amount, make sure you put it in Leroy Thompson's hand. He'll give you recognition for your money. Don't be shy about laying your money down even while he's talking, it's ok and expected.  Also, put your money face up, never the back side of the bill.  Not sure why, but I recently saw Joyce correct her own sister for not doing this correctly.  Remember all money face up!

Be prepared to repeat "Money Cometh to Me Now!" 3 times if you want it to really work, you will have to do the "money pull" and shout as loud as you can. It is at this time, some of the cult will run up and down, jump, scream and shout! It's ok if you don't do all this, but be aware, if you don't, you won't get your money, and you will get some looks from the cult members.

Don't expect to meet the "Money Cometh Man" afterwards. He'll have some body guards with him, and will probably be escorted quickly after he gets your money. Don't be surprised to see a guy in dark glasses with a slight buldge in his coat. Yes, I hope he keeps his jacket buttoned and not let you see his Glock in his shoulder holster. Yes, it's true, and yes after all, it's Ft Pierce!

Don't bring your bible as you won't need it. What you need is your money and you will be told you can't be a blessing until you get your money!  After all, who wants to follow broke people!

Be prepared to see people give thousands of dollars in money they have borrowed, saved and otherwise could not afford to give to a man to build his personal kingdom. Joyce Leiphon herself will give a thousand bucks at each meeting if not more....after all, it takes $10 grand to fly your private jet here and have it parked at the airport for a few days.

Save your time and money, skip the "Money Cometh" conference. Give as Jesus gave. Help your local church, feed someone, clothe someone, love everyone.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Will 2014 be any different for the follower's of Joyce Leiphon? You need to be at church on New Year's Eve or else!

This was what expected on New Year's Eve under Joyce Leiphon.  If you didn't participate, you would be missing god and could have an impact on how your year would go.  I remember when several of our worship team decided not to come and was instructed to sit them down as a form of discipline.

We would show up several hours before the midnight to set everything up.  Everyone was asked to bring a dish of food to share with the group.  We again were asked by the event coordinator to bring a gift and some money for Joyce.  It was important to sow your money to Joyce at the beginning of the New Year!

Joyce would have her man of gawd, Leroy Thompson Money Cometh video playing on the big screen to set the mood.  We'd eat and fellowship, talk about those who didn't show up, and all they'd be missing out.

We would join hands in a circle, read a bunch of scriptures placing Joyce Leiphon's on high in praise to her and what she'd done for us in the previous year.  We'd go on for maybe 30 minutes or so, then as Joyce would walk around the room praying in tongues, we would follow her every move.  Some of her personal assistants would actually shadow her in case she would lose her balance.  She'd be drunk in the spirit and sometimes would be held up.  She'd blow on people and they would faint to the floor.  I wondered why no one fell when the catchers weren't in place to catch them?

We'd do the countdown to midnight......then shout out loud, "Money Cometh to Me Now", sometimes we'd do the "money pull", we'd jump up and down, run around acting as if we were rich.

Yes, her followers would try to be the first to give her money in the new year.  She would recognize those to the rest of the group who gave much money.  It seemed we were in competing for her blessing on us as we'd try to outdo each other in our giving.

Pretty exciting New Year's Eve yes?  Nothing but the money, didn't do much for the lost, the hurting, the poor.  It was all about Joyce Leiphon.  Things may have changed since Joyce is now streaming her shows online at LOTWC.......No, I don't think so, it's all about the money, has been, always will be.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh my! Could there be a change at Light of the World Church? Has Joyce Leiphon changed her ways?

I've not watched or listened to Joyce Leiphon in several years.  I noticed she has a new website with archive videos and audio teachings.  I thought I'd drop in to see what was going on lately with the  "Money Cometh to Me Now!" cult at Light of the World Church.  This is what I found from the most recent meetings.

Wed Dec 11:  The highlight of this meeting was the $1000.00 check my friend and his wife "sowed" into Joyce.  No new change here, Joyce makes it a point to tell everyone the amount and how faithful this couple has been to her over the years.  If you see the video, you will notice how Joyce first says how they were recently blessed because with money, new car etc.  She then makes a verbal mistake in saying that they weren't doing well financially because as she said, "he got his nose out of joint, not doing what I told him".  She then goes on to backtrack and correct herself, " I mean he didn't do what God spoke to me to tell him"  Joyce makes this couple a role model for the others as they give her mo money.

Sun Dec 22:  When someone tells you over and over again as they're speaking, "I'm not trying to control you", then chances are, they are trying to control you.   I heard a lot of the right words, like the shed blood of Jesus, mention of the redemption of the Cross, the power of Holy Spirit.  There will always be a sliver of truth in deception.  It all sounds good, but when you see the video of people bringing money to the pulpit while the word is being "taught" and then see a public rebuke to her sister for not turning the dollar bill offering face up, it still smacks of control, control, control.  I will notice that this Sunday was "missions Sunday".  So it does seem there is some mission money going somewhere.  To me, since there was no oversight when I was there, no accountability, that money could have been used to fund the Christmas party they had after Sunday service.  Remember when you bring cash to the pulpit to put the dollars face up, never face down.  Sounds like the theme is still about the money.

Wed Dec 18:  Again, all the Christian buzz words are there, but when it comes down to it, it always comes back to the money and what God can do for you.  Another underlying theme is the importance of everyone coming to all the meetings and the implication that if you didn't you would be missing out on the blessings of God.  Mentioning again toward the end of the service that this isn't about control doesn't help change the image of the Money Cometh church.

All in all, is there a change at Light of the World Church?  Has Joyce Leiphon changed?

In my opinion, yes.  But it's a wolf in sheep's clothing kind of change.  Use just enough Christian
language to keep them coming.  Then slowly appeal to peoples greed and the need to belong to something, throw in I'm the anointed one God has appointed me over you.   Next thing you know, you are giving your money to her at each meeting, paying your tithes, giving to her next trip etc, it's still a self-centered gospel, based on control and greed.  Oh, thank you God the peoples eyes are being open today.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Joyce Leiphon $20,000 Thanksgiving done the Money Cometh Way!

As we embark on another Thanksgiving season, I wanted to write about what we did while I was a member of Light of the World Church each November.

It's the annual "Money Cometh to Me" conference held in Darrow, LA at Dr Leroy Thompson's church. We'd be asked to start seed sowing (MONEY) for her expenses and to sow (give till it hurts) as much for this week long love fest of material riches.

Her followers will foot the bill for her airplane tickets, hotel stay and other expenses.  It's important for her to show how much she loves her man of gawd to be there and to give some big dollars!

Joyce Leiphon will go to this conference as she does each year to sow into her man of god. She will go and bring a money offering each day for the 5 day conference, at two meetings each day she'll have to bring some major cash with her on this trip.  She likes to brag about giving $1000 at each meeting.  Of course all that money comes from her followers, but oh how she loves to brag about her anointing to be rich!

I remember being asked one year what Light of the World did for the poor and needy in Ft Pierce, how many families did we help feed. Unfortunately, my answer was.....NONE! But I can tell you, when Joyce Leiphon came back from Dr Thompson's fund raising show, she did tell us she gave $20,000.00 to Dr Thompson and we should be striving to be like her. Of course that meant we were to give her the money directly.

Now that's a $20,000 turkey. How many families could that have helped in Ft Pierce? We'll never know, but one thing for sure this Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks that I'm not part of this ponzi scheme and not part of Light of the World Church.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Interesting comment about Light of the World Church and Joyce Leiphon

I've reposted a comment this blog received last month.  If only one person reads this blog and stays away from Light of the World Church and Joyce Leiphon, my mission will have been accomplished.

Anonymous October 15, 2013 at 3:40 PM So, being new to Ft Pierce, I stumbled across the church website first - sounded really nice - then was actually invited out by a member -- sounded like a confirmation - but as always, I prayed that the Lord would guide me -- I then found this blog while looking for the church website again to find the address so that I could attend a service. I hope that what I am reading is not simply bitterness -- but after reviewing a few of the online recorded messages, including the most recent Sunday message on tithing -- and watching people drop off money on the pulpit while she was preaching, i must say that I believe what you are saying here. There are 2 sides to every story, but even without this blog, I caught quite a few things in the videos that made my stomach turn.... Since when did planting seeds have anything to do with money - rather than bearing fruit - which is to be shared!?

Monday, September 16, 2013

The lastest from Joyce Lephion's spiritual father Dr Leroy Thompson Sr. Super Bowl Rings a sign from God for favor?

This just came in over the weekend, this is the spiritual father of Joyce Leiphon. This really is funny but will give you more insight as to Joyce Leiphon and Light of the World Church. Hey! Must Be the Money! Here is the email: I didn't know that I was going to talk to you again this soon, but I had a vision last night of Jesus suspended over the foot of my bed. Then He vanished and He came back again, didn't say a word. But then later on in the night watch, He spoke these words, "I have charged you with my favor." Now those words are powerful within themselves but I had the interpretation all the time. Those of you who have been following me have heard me say that God says that He can get anything, at any time, from anywhere, through anybody, to you. And partners, you may or may not know that I hold five championship rings from different teams; SuperBowl rings that have been given to me. Under that favor, I recognize how that has happened now. Probably, I am the only man in the world with 5 championship rings from different teams. In my prayer time, partnership of favor flowed through my spirit while I was praying. It happened twice, then it happened the third time so I stopped in my prayer to speak these words to you. That you who are connected with me are in partnership with favor and that favor has increase according to Luke 2:52 (And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.) That favor has increase that will cause your stature to increase; and you will increase in favor with God and man. Now, supernatural out of the ordinary things will begin to happen. Increased kingdom focus and be kingdom driven. I believe that the favor of God will be upon your life in a manner of great magnitude. So I just wanted to speak and charge you with favor because God has charged me with favor and because you are connected with me as a partner. In your life, your business, your family, and whatever you set your hand to do; I believe that the favor of God will begin to function in your life like never before. So, as the favor was upon the shoulder in the book of Genesis; I'm pronouncing that favor on your life because you have been connected with me in carrying out a kingdom assignment. So, therefore partner, be favored, go forth, expect favor, and favor will be yours.