Friday, September 23, 2016

What??? No More "Money Cometh to Me Now!", What Happened Joyce Leiphon? Who Are You Following Now?

Well it's been awhile (at least a year) since I checked in at the LOTWC website to see what's been going on at the church that Joyce built.  Seems there was a change since last year!  These are some of my observations.

I watched the last two services, Wed 9/14, and Sun 9/18 and while there was no reference to "Money Cometh" there was the standard seedtime and harvest principle speech at offering time.  There still seems to be a giving to get something from God theme going on here.

I didn't see people rushing the stage to give her cash money this time with Joyce shouting, "I receive!"  I wonder if the old timers are still giving as much as they were before the change?

I was surprised to see some men in the church services.  Normally her services are attended with women in the majority, but I did see about 4 men out of the 15 people there.  The attendance appears to be the same as before.

All in all, it appears Joyce has somewhat reinvented herself from a year ago.  I'm not sure how one could reconcile the money message of so many years, and have to wonder if there really was a change?

I did see on Facebook she now is following: Apostle G Maldonado

I really would like to know what happened to her and her "man of gawd"  Leroy Thompson.  Maybe things have really changed?   Then again, maybe not!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Is Money Cometh teacher Leroy Thompson calling out Joyce Leiphon for errant teaching?

Seems like some of Leroy's sheeple are causing some money problems for his ministry.  I watched the entire video and surprised he didn't call out Joyce Leiphon for the same thing.  Maybe this is why he might skip his visit to Ft Pierce in 2015.  Will Joyce listen to her spiritual father now?

I'm posting the link for a video released from Apostle Leroy "Doc" Thompson Saturday Dec 13, 2014.

Here is a recent comment from blog reader jfcecil:

Just found a video from Leroy Thompson, It is amazing how he is now trying to correct a minister in Ohio for Manipulating the body of Christ into getting money for His personal Gain. He even called this man the same as I have called Joyce Leiphon. A false teacher and the are accursed just like Paul state in Gal 1:9. Joyce you also are manipulating your followers for your own personal gain. I wonder if Leroy knows you were given $10,000 so you and your daughter could go to Italy last summer? Would he not think it was for your personal gain. Would he ask you how much of that $10,000 really belonged to him just as you tell your member that the income tax return belongs to you? Just wondering if you just might not be in hot water with your man of god if you keep manipulating people for personal gain and not giving enough to your man of gwad.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Joyce Leiphon Tongue Lashing to LOTWC Followers for Disobeying Her! 15 minutes is all I could take!

Wow!  Things must be getting a little tough over at LOTWC these days.

I watched this recent video under 6-22-14 Flowing in the Supernatural pt 3:

This is the kind of spiritual abuse that went on when I was there.  The first 15 minutes shows who she really follows and what she expects of her people.  She clearly states we can't hear from God, then retracts that in the next voice.  Receives a $250 "first fruit offering" from her own sister.  Continues to go on and on about those who miss her meetings and those who aren't making the yearly trek to Darrow LA to see her man of gawd!

The camp meeting she is referring to is the annual money fest at Darrow, LA which is this year July 7-11.

Woe to those not going according to Joyce Leipon, and to those that don't sow into the anointing, or follow her?  Will you might get leprosy?  Really?  Well not in those words, but she does make that comparison in the video.

 6-22-14 Flowing in the Supernatural pt 3:

Joyce Leiphon dishing out some tuff love!  Yea right!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Spiritual Abuse, Father's Day ripoff and Light of the World Church in Ft Pierce Florida (LOTWC) Pastor Joyce Leiphon

Well a happy Father's Day to all the Father's (Dad's) out there.  I'm a bit late but wanted to share something that happened to me and my family while at Joyce Leiphon's church in Ft Pierce on Father's Day.

Joyce has always talked about her father and the major change in his life,  how he was saved and the miracles he did after his conversion to Jesus Christ.  Joyce Leiphon always talked about  her father and how much he taught her. But that's where it ended as she had a new revelation in a "Spiritual Father" by the name of Dr Leroy Thompson

She now talks about her "Spiritual Father" Leroy Thompson and how he changed her life much more than her physical  father, but those changes did not include salvation, but rather the prosperity message and the amount of blessings she has received by preaching the "Money Cometh!" false gospel.

Once again, the same old message of bringing money to her "spiritual father" would gain financial favor and money to those who gave.  We would bring a special money offering to her to give as a special offering for Dr Leroy Thompson for the Father's Day offering.  Funny thing is,  we were to give to her first as she was our "spiritual mother".  So if we wanted to give to the Spiritual Father Leroy, we would have to give the same amount to her in addition to that.

I remember going to the camp meetings each summer hearing Leroy saying he didn't want a birthday or father's day card unless it had $$$$$$$ MONEY!

Just another form of spiritual abuse, another ripoff, all in the name of Jesus. Joyce Leiphon, shame on you for making profit on the gospel and teaching another gospel.  I know your father would not approve of your actions.

Lord forgive us and come soon!

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Voice in the Wilderness! Former Editor of Charisma Magazine Writes Article. Will Joyce Leiphon Change Now?

Here is an article recently written by J Lee Grady, former editor of Charisma magazine and Christian author of many books, including, "The Holy Ghost is Not for Sale"  You can read the entire article here:

While not mentioning Joyce Leipon and Light of the World Church specifically, all 6 of these practices are alive and well here and other churches, especially those who follow Apostle/Dr Leroy Thompson.

Joyce Leiphon was quite fond of Charisma magazine when they wrote an article about females in the pulpit.  I wonder how she feels about this Christian publication today and if she'll change her ways now?

NOTE:  all of these except number 2 on the list I've seen up close and personal at LOTWC.

Here are the six things J Lee Grady says we should retire from the church now!

Here are a few of the worst errors that have circulated in our movement in the past season. You may have others that need to be added to this list. I believe we are grieving the Holy Spirit if we continue to practice these things:
1. "Touch not My anointed." Chances are you’ve heard this weird doctrine based on 1 Chronicles 16:22. In an attempt to discourage any form of disagreement in the church, insecure leaders tell their members that if they ever question church authority, they are “touching the Lord’s anointed” and in danger of God’s judgment. Let’s call this what it is: spiritual manipulation. It creates worse problems by ruling out healthy discussion and mutual respect. Church members end up being abused or controlled—or even blacklisted because they dare to ask a question.
2. Dual covenant. We charismatics love and respect Israel. Some of us even incorporate Jewish practices in our worship—such as wearing prayer shawls, blowing shofars or celebrating Hebraic feasts. These things can enrich our Christian experience—but some leaders go too far when they begin to teach that Jews don’t need to believe in Jesus Christ to experience salvation. They imply that Jews have special access into heaven simply because of their ethnic heritage. This is a flagrant contradiction of everything the New Testament teaches.
3. Inaccessible leadership. In the 1980s, some charismatic ministries began to teach pastors and traveling ministers that in order to “protect the anointing,” they must stay aloof from people. Ministers were warned to never make friends in their congregations. Preachers began the strange practice of skipping worship on Sunday mornings—and then appearing on the stage only when it was time for the sermon in order to make a dramatic entrance. Shame on these people for attempting to justify arrogance. Jesus loved people, and He made Himself available to them. So should we.
4. Armor-bearers. The same guys who developed item No. 3 started this strange fad. Preachers began the practice of surrounding themselves with an entourage: one person to carry the briefcase, another person to carry the Bible, another to carry the handkerchief. Some preachers hired bodyguards … and even food-tasters! The armor-bearers were promised special blessings if they served preachers who acted like slave-owners. Reminder: True leaders are servants, not egomaniacs.
5. The hundredfold return. Before his death in 2003, Kenneth Hagin Sr., the father of the faith movement, rebuked his own followers for taking prosperity teaching to a silly extreme. In his book The Midas Touch, he begged preachers to stop misusing Mark 10:28-30 to suggest that God promises a hundredfold return on every offering we give. Hagin wrote, “If the hundredfold return worked literally and mathematically for everyone who gave in an offering, we would have Christians walking around with not billions or trillions of dollars, but quadrillions of dollars!” Hagin taught that the hundredfold blessing refers to the rewards that come to those who leave all they have to serve God in ministry.
6. Money cometh. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for giving money publicly to be seen by others. Yet in the 1990s, some charismatics got the wild idea that God would release a magical blessing if we would drop wads of dollar bills at the preacher’s feet while he was in the middle of his sermon. Leroy Thompson of Louisiana popularized this flamboyant practice with his infamous 1996 sermon, in which he encouraged people to shout in King James English, “Money! Cometh to me now!” Then the people would run to the front of the auditorium to pour cash into his coffers. The money came, for sure, and more cash-hungry preachers jumped on the bandwagon. Taking an offering became a form of exhibitionism, and Christians began viewing their offerings like lottery scratch-offs.
God requires holiness not just in our behavior but also in our doctrine. Let’s discard these and any other foolish teachings that have brought confusion and dishonor to the body of Christ.
- See more at:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Joyce Leiphon and Mother's Day at Light of the World Church (another money cometh scam!)

As Mother's Day approaches once again, I want to extend a Happy Mother's Day to all.  Mom's are very special people, but if you are part of Light of the World Church in Ft Pierce, FL. Mother's Day takes on a different meaning.

While I was there, we would plan a mother's day celebration, not for the mom's in the church, but for Joyce Leiphon the pastor of LOTWC.  This is how it works:

All of the core group would receive an email from one of Joyce's assistants extolling the virtues of the pastor and how much of a blessing to us she is and how she means so much to us etc.  We would have a list of items of appreciation to contribute to.  All these items were approved by Joyce herself or a close family member.  Actually there was a "gift fund" we would put additional monies in each week/month for these special occasion's. This in addition to the other offerings to Joyce Leiphon.  I remember we had a private meeting and some of the families who were struggling in their finances wanted to make something simple, you know, something from the heart, a simple card or handmade gift.  A big NO was the answer they got!  Our pastor deserves the very best and we will not do anything less than that!

So on Mother's Day, Joyce Leiphon would receive lavish gifts, one year it was a big screen tv, an I-pad, cash money etc.  The leadership, (I was one) would give a small speech and sing a song to her for all she did for us.  Imagine that, a song of praise to a person, (I've since repented and sing only songs of praise to the only one of whom all praise is deserved!) Then, those who wanted to say something and give her a gift would be able to speak.  One of the only times anyone was able to speak (with gift in hand).  We would even call Joyce Leiphon our "spiritual mother".  The spiritual mother thing always bothered me and even then I was uncomfortable calling Joyce Leiphon, "Mom".

I'm not against showing appreciation to anyone, however in the case of hijacking Mother's Day and using it to take more money in the name of Jesus is just plain WRONG!  Calling Joyce Leiphon "my spiritual mother" was off base and elevating her to a higher level than deserved was totally WRONG!

I'm glad and thanks be to God that my eyes were opened and set free from this false gospel that is really a cult.  Celebrate your Mom this weekend.  Joyce Leiphon, you are not special and do not deserve the worship you demand from your followers.  Hijacking Mother's Day is another example of why I left this cult.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taking Communion for Money Cometh, Did Jesus Want Us to Commemorate His Death for Wealth?

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Joyce Leiphon add money to the Communion service she had on Sunday the first of the Year. I have been to many
Word of Faith and prosperity churches. While I left before the got into the money cometh to the body of Christ I have never ever heard such blasphemy such as I heard from this woman mouth. To attribute the horrible Death of Jesus Christ as she did with money made my stomach turn. She is clearly delusional as far as the Holy Bible is concerned. So sad that there are many following this false way
Receiving Communion and adding Money Cometh is wrong on so many levels.  I saw the New Year's eve video and the January 12 Sunday service.  Truly a new low.  When I thought it couldn't get anymore twisted at LOTWC.  Lord Jesus come quickly!